Our music entertainment area is one of the most accomodating in the Twin Cities. It's a very spacious, yet still feels intimate due the surrounding natural wood beams and the lounge chairs strategically placed on the perimeter of the dance floor. With dance floor seating, your guests can still be part of the action even if they are not big dancers. 

It's big enough to accommodate a sixteen piece band comfortably. With our built-in ceiling lighting and easy-to-reach power sources, your musicians will be at their best. For DJs, lounge furniture is strategically placed on the expansive stage, which helps create an intimate environment by inviting guests to sit closer to the dance floor after dinner.

At A'BULAE, the dance floor is intentionally placed within open space. The benefit of this is that it will allow your photographer and videographer to capture stunning context shots of you in the venue setting from every angle. We also worked our technological magic with a revolutionary lighting system which will help provide the ideal lighting scenario for your photographers and videographers for all of your important dances. It takes creativity one step further and turns your dance photos into masterpieces.

With our built-in, ceiling-mounted intelligent event lighting, gobos system, your guests will naturally be drawn to the dance floor. It invigorates, involves and thrills!