A'BULAE's Unique AV Options


At A’BULAE, our AV resources set us apart, promising an extraordinary event experience. Our array of AV inclusions and capabilities, allows us to create memorable events.




Seven Floor-to-Ceiling Wall Projectors

Two Bar Monitors

Entry Projector

Lounge Monitor

Dance Floor Projector

State of the Art Intelligent Lighting

Surround Sound Audio System




Projection Mapping:  Our spaces come alive as visuals emerse guests into a unique experience.

Monogram: Personalize the event by projecting initials or designs.

Seating Chart: Guide guests to the right place with projected seating arrangements.

Bar Menu on Bar Monitors: Showcase beverages for easy ordering.

Dinner Menu on Projectors: Make for simple and unique dining with projected menus.

Live Video Feed of First Dance: Share heartfelt moments live with all attendees.

Live Video Feed for Speeches: Ensure every word is heard, no matter where guests are seated.

Couple Slideshow: Share your love story with a projected slideshow.

Dance Floor Effects and/or Monogram: Infuse the dance floor with your chosen effects or monogram.


A'BULAE’s AV resources give you access to endless possibilities that redefine the event experience. Projection mapping, a trend that has captivated audiences, truly creates transformation. High-resolution imagery and videos come alive on our walls, giving you and your guests a unique experience.


Imagine projecting a floral forest backdrop during your ceremony, a heartfelt slideshow during cocktail hour, and a starlit dreamscape during the dance. These transitions are not only seamless but also create a dynamic event.


The customizations are endless, ensuring your event is as unique as your vision. At A'BULAE we guarantee you will have an event that exceeds expectations, leveraging the power of AV technology to shape unforgettable memories. Your journey towards an exceptional event experience starts with us.