Instead of designing the event around the building, we designed the building around the event.


 It used to be that you would get a “Welcome” specialty drink and people thought that was great. Now more than ever, people are looking for more personality and more of a unique touch on their events. They want to customize their events, to make something more special and unique than what’s been done in the past. Customers are now demanding more innovation.


Events are no longer just about entertainment and being fed when guests get there. The hotel model and the turnkey event is out. Trends are moving away from having events at your typical ballroom-style space. It will be about giving customers and guests a personal message with which they can interact.


Our built-in technology and design strategy leads to more interaction, more personalization, and more participation from guests. 3D props and typical event decor (chairs, linens, floral, etc.) will always exist within the environment, but A'BULAE's interactive digital imagery is infused to totally change the aesthetic of the venue for each event. It is the first site to be completely personalized and customized at a level that is "magical” and “fantasy-like"... and unique to every event.


A'BULAE does not only have the unique capability to completely transform a space aesthetically, but also has the ability to integrate the in-person, virtual, and social components of the experience.


A'BULAE is the first truly transformative space. It's the only event space designed by and for event professionals.


The A'BULAE approach views events as content centerpieces. If you look at the past ten years, event planners could host an amazing event for 500 people. Now you can still impact those 500 people, but it becomes amplified by thousands. Why? Because more and more people are using social media to communicate what is going on from the inside of the event to the outside.


With social media, guests are becoming ambassadors of the events they attend. People are already doing this, but this will go and live beyond the bricks and mortar of the event, and A'BULAE's technology is able to seamlessly transpose the event into those social circles and communities that individual guests already belong to. These events will now take on an afterlife. A'BULAE stands poised to curate the entire experience: the before, the day of, and the afterlife of every unique event.


Ultimately, the A'BULAE experience hits your guests with that initial impression almost instantaneously. The "WOW" that they are going to take away from the event is immediate. It is the first event space where clients can completely customize and personalize their event, both in the real world and in virtual space environments.


The name, A'BULAE (pronounced Ah-Boo-Lay), draws its inspiration from the word “Nebulae”. Nebulae are the basic building blocks of the universe. They contain the elements from which stars and solar systems are built. They are also among the most beautiful objects in the universe, glowing with rich colors and swirls of light. Stars inside these clouds cause them to glow with magnificent reds, blues, and greens. These colors are the result of different elements within the Nebulae.


Like Nebulae, A'BULAE represents the next frontier... for events. It is the result of combining amazing elements, rich experiences, and the best building blocks for events in a beautiful space, leading to truly incredible events.



You spend months or even years planning your wedding. You invest significant time and money. You pour your heart and soul into planning this day. You want your guests to have fun, stay, and experience it with you.


 With A'BULAE's unique and interactive services, we can guarantee that your guests will have more fun , be more engaged, and stay longer at your wedding than if you had hosted your event anywhere else.


The current event model is sit, eat, drink, and dance. Our goal is to perfect this formula by adding a fifth element: interact. From our expansive conversation bar to the state of the art kitchen and well-appointed areas that help event flow and conversation, no detail went overlooked.


A'BULAE's focus on the details makes the experience of The Big Five (sit, eat, drink, dance, and interact) exponentially better.


Guests interact using their phones at events. Guests love taking photos at events and they also love getting photos from events. Guests are going social with their experience.


By blending the elements of technology,

natural event factors, and human tendency, A'BULAE integrates a sixth sense to each event, creating an immersive experience that goes beyond the event itself. By leveraging the $20,000 of mobile technology brought to each event and creating unique touchscreen personalization throughout the space. We empower guests to take real-time photos, display them on LCDs, and so much more.


Everyone wants their wedding to be as unique as they are, fun, and certainly memorable, yet people still rely on the old turnkey model.


With unlimited customization options through A'BULAE’s digital decor services and unprecedented personalization services through A'BULAE's unique interactive and lighting services, no two events will ever be the same.


Time is money.  The average couple spends $4,500 just in time planning their wedding. Bellagala & A’BULAE have reduced the amount of time it takes to plan a wedding... saving you time and money! 


We’ve incorporated beautiful decor, on-site award-winning catering, convenient on-site parking, event planning, and many other amenities and services unique to A’BULAE. With 6 in-house services from Bellagala, you truly can start here and end here! Welcome to the future of events.