"We wanted to say thank you for all your help and work at our wedding! Everything was fantastic, only problem is that it went by way too fast You did a great job directing my crazy group!! Our night was just perfect! Thank You!"


"Loved working with the A'BULAE! They are awesome! The whole staff there was great! Had a fabulous time as did our guests!”


"Unique, stunning, innovative, modern, romantic, and a bit vintage in space parts, beautiful and to boot a roof top with an amazing view.  Applause, applause, applause to A'BULAE and your team!"


"We felt like you were part of the family and made our wedding feel like a priority (even though you have so much on your plate)! Every meeting you were so helpful and you were so kind to go above and beyond the call of duty! "


"Dan and I have one word to describe the reception: perfect!! We were extremely happy how everything turned out, it was flawless and exceeded our expectations!"



“Words can not describe this stunning venue. The service and care of my wedding was simply amazing. You made my wedding perfect. It was a dream come true. Thank you!”




“Thanks again for everything! Your staff was amazing and we've heard nothing but great feedback from our guests. It was everything we had hoped for and more.” 



“A’BULAE was everything and more. After the tour, I did not even look at more venues and picked a date that day. It was also nice to use Bellagala and get a discount on booking multiple services. The entire staff was very prompt and answered my questions immediately."


“Thank you so much for all of the help and support you provided throughout our wedding planning and our entire wedding weekend! We were beyond happy with how A’BULAE came together and very fortunate to have been some of the first couples to have our special day there!”


"This venue has it all: style, beauty and technology that make the event more than you could have ever asked for. We couldn't imagine getting married anywhere else!"


"The staff was all polite and professional with all of our guests. Everything was more than delicious! It completely exceeded our expectations! This was more than I could have ever imagined without all the help from A'BULAE, Bellagala, and Mintahoe" 


"The staff was phenomenal and always very helpful, answering all of our emails promptly. There was no

comparison after we visited A’BULAE. The most beautiful event center. It has a “WOW” factor when

you first step off the elevator."


"Loved the venue - it was exactly what we wanted and was so beautiful on our wedding. Really impressed with how everything came together - I didn't worry about a thing on my wedding day!"


The A'BULAE staff by far was the most helpful in coordinating my wedding. They are perfect for the job!


"We enjoyed every minute of it! Thank you for all your help. It would not have turned out so nice without you!



I could rave about our experience with A'BULAE all day long!! A'BULAE took care of all of the little details I had heard brides stress about....I honestly had zero worries the day-of because I knew Nancy had it covered! We also have to give a shoutout to the lady who ran the elevator and the photomingle booth, she was SO energetic and interacted with guests. We had so many compliments about how friendly she was from our guests :) And of course, the building itself was beautiful! To be honest, looking back there is nothing that I can think of that would have made our experience better. From the first tour through the day-of, you guys knocked it out of the park! You guys made us feel so special and were quick to respond to any questions!



I would consider A'BULAE "best in class" when it comes to helping plan a wedding. We booked A'BULAE because we knew they would take care of everything, but we didn't know to what degree. From small last-minute details to back and forth emails, my fiance and I were always provided a quick response. We were blown away every step of the way. My fiance, who is a typical guy, even took note about how attentive Nancy and her team were to our needs. I so appreciated working with experienced professionals in the event planning industry. Nancy was phenomenal!



We had a wonderful wedding. The venue is so beautiful and spacious and offers so many things that many other venues do not. We loved the bridal suite and grooms room, large dance floor, big bar, floor to ceiling windows, and the excellent staff.



Nancy is so amazing. We had the best experience working with her. She answered all of our questions and informed us about some tips and tricks to make our dream wedding come to life. She truly is a wedding expert! Our wedding day was perfect. Everyone told us to expect something to go wrong-- but our wedding was flawless thanks to the fabulous coordination and staff of A'BULAE!



A'BULAE helped us to create our perfect wedding day. From our initial tour and meeting we fell in love with A'BULAE. It was the most beautiful venue with the most helpful staff. Jenna was our first point of contact. She was so professional and upfront with us about estimated costs from the venue to the cost of food. Jenna is also a close personal friend of ours but I know she treats every couple who comes through A'BULAE this way. She is amazing! After working with Jenna we then worked with Nancy. Who was equally as helpful. They were both so responsive before we even booked the venue all the way up to our wedding day. We could not have asked for a better space, staff and experience for our wedding reception. The bridal suite was amazing to get ready in. The venue was beautiful for pictures before the reception and even more beautiful once our decor was added for the reception. The reception site did not need much for decorations because it was so beautiful on its own which ended up saving us some money. A'BULAE is more expensive than other venues but you get exactly what you pay for. We wouldn't do it any other way if we could do it all over again. We could not say enough nice things about the venue. For our 300 person guest list is was the perfect space and not over crowded at all. The way the venue was set up is perfect! We couldn't use the roof top because of the time of year we go married but we liked that all our guests were in one place for the reception. We had a live band and it was also a perfect set up for a band. There are some additional costs when you get married at A'BULAE but like I said above it is worth it. Because our day went perfect! Nancy was so helpful the weeks leading up the our wedding day. She contacted all of our vendors the week of and finalized details and gave them directions and instructions. This was so helpful for me. Our wedding day went off without a flaw or I at least didn't hear about it if something went wrong because they figured it out for me. Our day of coordinator Denise was also so great. She helped the day of go so smooth. No complaints here! Best venue!



Everyone was so attentive and professional! They made us feel like the only wedding they had all year and I know that isn't true! They truly helped make ever part of our day magical, from planning to last minute details to getting ready in the morning to cleaning up at night! When I needed something you were there, when our wedding planner needed something you were there, when our guests needed something you were there! Thank you!



The venue sells itself because it is spectacular, but the help from the staff along the way is what made our wedding so enjoyable.We knew from our initial meeting that our wedding would be fabulous with the help of the A'BULAE/Bellagala team! Huge shout out to Jenna Z and Nancy B for answering all of our crazy questions and giving great advise during the wedding planning process! They made what could have been a very stressful event, easy to plan and kept us organized!



Thank you for a fabulous experience. We would highly recommend A’BULAE to anyone and everyone. We are glowing as our guests continue to be a buzz over everything! Your part in making our daughter's wedding day something not soon to be forgotten, is immeasurable.



Jenna and Nancy were extremely helpful. Not only did they have answers to all of my questions, I received responses via email almost immediately. Knowing I was in such capable hands really helped to alleviate a lot of the planning stress. As a bride planning an out-of-state wedding, I was incredibly impressed by how easy A'BULAE & Bellagala made things for us, as well as our outside vendors. Thank you for helping to make our big day so great!



The minute I walked into A’BULAE I KNEW it was perfect for our wedding!! It was the perfect mix of my husband and I, modern industrial but classy and chic. Jenna was so kind and answered all of our questions, never making us feel pressured into a decision. And the fact that A’BULAE needed nothing but centerpieces, essentially, began to look much more reasonable as we took into account the extra decor we would need at our other venue options. You have a wonderful space and a wonderful team. Thank you for making our dream day a reality!



Kent and I just wanted to send a note to thank all of you and the staff at A'BULAE and Bellagala. We had a great experience working with all of you. I would highly recommend your venue to anyone! Thank you so much for all that you did to make our day run smoothly.”



When planning your wedding, you are bombarded with horror stories and lists of items from brides' past that went wrong. None of that happened with A'BULAE, from the beauty of the space itself, to the planning, food, and helpful and friendly event staff, our experience with could not have been better and the day went off without a hitch. We are so thankful we chose A'BULAE for biggest day in our lives!



Gathering information from A'BULAE was very easy. The website, staff, etc. were very helpful, responsive, and detailed. The photos, testimonials, etc., allowed us to make a well-educated decision. The catering team went above and beyond. We had both sets of parents at the tasting, and with a particular mother, we were even able to come in for a second private tasting. After all of that, most agreed that the food at the wedding was even better than the tasting. Great service, very accommodating!



Honestly, A’BULAE exceeded our expectations and blew ever other venue out of the water. There was something my husband or I found with every other place that deterred us, however with A’BULAE, we both loved everything. I just cannot thank Jenna, Nancy, Denise and Shane enough for all of their help before and during the wedding. It was extremely helpful having them at my disposal and all were so great to work with. Jenna helped me also right before walking down the aisle, when I had a little mini freak out. I appreciated her calming me and felt that she was someone I really connected with. Thank you so much for making my wedding an actual dream come true!



Jenna was very helpful in providing us with all the pricing and information we needed to make our decision to have our wedding at A'BULAE! She led myself on a tour, and led my husband and mother on an additional tour so they could see the venue as well. Jenna was always willing and open to share the information we asked of her. The people at A'BULAE are very professional. Making appointments was really easy compared to other venues, and the tour was very organized, never rushed. All of the pricing and information was given to me on my first tour, which I really appreciated. Other venues took a while to get pricing and information back to me. It was nice to know exactly what all the costs where up front. The digital service planning was very simple and straightforward. Shane was really easy to work with and always gave us great direction and advice on things we wanted to do. The planning form was awesome - so easy to fill out and very organized! Jenna and Nancy were always very responsive when I sent questions via email, or when I called. I was always contacted within a day of my question, whether via email or phone. I was always given the information I asked for in a timely manner - I greatly appreciated it. The food was great! I had the sliced roast beef and it tasted amazing. All my guests said the food was phenomenal, the service was professions, the staff was nice, and the presentation was amazing. Great job! Everything went really smoothly! Usually there is no parking attendant on site until an hour before the event, but all the staff was so accommodating to the wedding party and family arriving early, and had staff present to let people into the parking ramp 4 hours prior to the wedding. This was super convenient, as there was a Saints baseball game that same day at the time of the wedding. I really appreciated the extra effort A'BULAE made to ensure everything (especially parking) goes smoothly on the wedding day. Thank you so much! Thank you so much for all your help during our entire planning process leading up to our special day! We had the most perfect wedding



Our initial meeting was very informative. We received information on the venue, and Bellagala. Every detail was explained, so there were no surprises throughout the planning process. A'BULAE was exceptional. Everything was more structured and elegant than other venues. We used Bellagala for our photographer, DJ and florist. It was very nice to see the venue set up with tables. Denise was very helpful in our details meeting and let us know what would be cost effective. Shane did a great job with our lighting colors, IConcierge screens, our monogram and slideshow. Nancy and Jenna were very easy to work with. They answered our questions in a timely manner and made the planning process easy. Everything was perfect. We have no complaints and are very happy that we picked A'BULAE.



The staff was phenomenal and always very helpful. Answered all of our emails promptly. There was not comparison AFTER we visited A'BULAE. The most beautiful event center. It has a "WOW" factor when you first step off the elevator. It was nice to have an option of using ones with Bellagala or going elsewhere. Nancy and Jenna, as I mentioned above were ALWAYS prompt with answering our email questions...and we asked many questions. And always fun when we came to visit, which was often as well… Nancy was awesome during the day and at rehersal as well. I have seen a picture of the goomsmen and they all had their hands folded the way she instructed them....too funny!!! She was there for us all morning and always took care of things that needed attention to detail.



A'BULAE was everything and more than what I wanted in a wedding venue. After the tour, I did not even look at another venue and I actually picked a date that day. Also, it was nice that there was a savings off using Bellagala if you contracted to more services. Denise made it very easy throughout all the catering planning. She was very prompt and answered my questions immediately. Shane was amazing and was prompt in responding to my emails and any questions I had. The team responded to all my emails with urgency. Everyone made me feel like my special day was just that. Food was spectacular. That event team were all so accommodating and did they job so well..with a smile! Our event captain was approachable and made sure we had all that we needed and asked for. Thank you for everything! The venue is above and beyond what any couple would want and need on their special day. I am so thankful that I found A'BULAE. It truly was the best day of my life and I couldn't have asked for a better environment and event team to be there to make sure it was perfect. Thank you!



We knew we wanted to get married at A'BULAE, and with a smaller budget, Jenna worked very closely with us to find the right day that would meet our budget needs. Our DJ, Aaron, was incredible to work with. I was able to get quick feedback and information from him, as well as other Bellagala staff. Shane was very attentive to my wishes, and answered all of my questions promptly and confidently. I was able to walk away knowing that we were in good hands. I never had a question that went un-answered. All staff responded quickly and with very detailed answers. I have to say that Charlie, the bartender, is an incredibly hard worker and he really knows how to make the guests happy. He personally remembered justin and I from two previous weddings we attended at A'BULAE and always asked how things were going in our lives. On top of all that, he was friendly, and very on top of making sure that my groom and I had everything we needed throughout the night. He even personally delivered drinks to the head table to ensure that we didn't have to be walking back and forth to the bar. I have never been more pleased with a server/bartender. He deserves a raise :) I have no complaints about anything or anyone at A'BULAE. As a bride, you want to know and be able to trust that you and your guests are in good hands..I never once doubted that. Each and every staff member was reliable and knowledgeable and helped our day flow smoothly. Thank you to every single person that helped make our day so much fun. We could not have asked for a better group to work with on the most important day of our lives!



A'BULAE was very responsive. I remember using the online quote tool and being pleasantly surprised at how quickly pricing information, date availability, etc. was communicated. After seeing online photos and information, I knew A'BULAE was the only venue I wanted. We put a deposit down the day we toured, so truly, it was our first choice and only choice! We were extremely pleased with each Bellagala vendor we worked with (DJ, Photography, Floral, Live Music - Pianist). Prices were competitive and it took so much legwork out of researching and booking all these services separately ourselves. I was so pleased with the frequency of meetings and communication - enough that we didn't feel lost and on our own, but not so much that it was a burden to respond or that we were pushed into decisions we were't yet prepared to make. Our questions were always answered timely and it was clear that everyone involved truly cared that we were doing okay and having a positive experience. I had several guests tell me that it took them halfway through dinner to realize that they were sitting in the same spot where the ceremony had been. The turnover was something I was a little nervous about (again, I don't know why, you guys do this all the time), but it was perfectly executed. Nothing but positive things to say about the space and staff - I'm still in awe each time I visit of what a well-oiled machine A'BULAE is.Thank you for making our experience such a positive, fun, relaxed one. We will never forget the process, the day, or the people who helped make it a reality.

APRIL 11  |  KIM + TOM


The information we received regarding our venue was outstanding. Nancy gave us a wonderful tour, answered all of our questions, and gave us a quote of the price. We loved it so much that we decided that weekend that we would book the venue! We wanted something unique. The moment we walked into A'BULAE we knew we found our place. We booked and didn't look at any other venues! The in house Bellagala vendors made it extremely easy to pick and choose what we wanted. That took care of any stress a lot of couples feel about their wedding. Everything went perfectly and the wedding both Kim and I had envisioned came true due to all of your efforts. We wish we could do it all over again!!!



Our main contact, Nancy was so helpful! She took the time to show us the venue and went through the pricing for different weekends out of the year. We knew right away that A'BULAE would be the perfect venue for us because of the attention to detail. Able to accommodate a large number of people and the venue itself was gorgeous! I really liked that everything was included into one price since it would have been a headache to try to figure that all out at other venues. We went with the DJ through Bellegala and I'm glad we did. So many compliments on the DJ and he kept the party running smoothly once the A'BULAE EC left. Everyone was very attentive and quick to answer emails and questions. I had no concerns for the wedding leading up to it because they had everything under control. Everything was perfect the day of the wedding and a big part of that was because of Nancy, Jenna, and Denise. They made sure that I didn't have to think about too much the day of and it all ran like a well oiled machine. My guests were shocked at how amazing the venue itself was and how friendly the staff was. Even got a ton of compliments on the friendliness and professionalism of the security guards! For many people, planning a wedding or major event is a once in a lifetime thing. I felt a little overwhelmed with the food/beverage choices and felt it could have been explained a little bit better. Not that I would have changed anything, but additional information would have been helpful. Also, a written down timeline of when the next meeting would occur would have been helpful for planning for that month. Thank you for making our wedding perfect! I wouldn't have changed a thing about it and I was fairly stress free the day of mainly because of A'BULAE. So many of my guests are also going to mention what a wonderful venue it is.



At first I was nervous because I thought it was expensive but I didn't realize how much you get out of your money. Not only is the site beautiful but the workers are amazing. I always felt important and never once did I have to stress about a thing. Nancy made sure all was in place. I could see the passion behind the persons doing the tours. I could see that I would be taken care of the day of my wedding and the days prior. I also loved how open the space was. It allowed for everyone to be able to see everything! It was nice to be able to do several meetings in the same day without having to drive all over. It also made finding services less stressful. This is what makes A'BULAE so special. The staff really cares about your big day and response ASAP with great information. Couldn't ask for more. It went so smoothly, I never had to worry.



Perfect, as always. Shane is wonderful to work with, as always. A'BULAE is welcoming, from the beginning of planning through the end of our event. Staff is always so kind and easy to work with, why we continue to come back each year for our Winter Social. No other venue can compare. Nothing more to share - just a sincere thank you to the entire staff and everyone we got to work with through our event and on the date of. You are all incredible. We look forward to future events at A'BULAE!



We were very pleased with Jenna's approachableness as we gathered initial pricing. We loved that A'BULAE did not nickel and dime us on added fees, it was one up front cost, with so many added details and features that made it worth its value and price! We were greeted at the door, by Jenna, she had put up monograms with our names, to give us an idea of how things would look on the big day, she was knowledgeable and provided ideas and advice on how to get the most out of the venue. Much more thorough than anywhere else we looked. You can tell that weddings are your business, which was why we chose to have our wedding there, it was all about the big day- and not like we were having our wedding at another business where we felt we were intruding on something else. We used the photomingle and also had Matt R as our DJ, which we could not have been happier with how everything went. The staff was wonderful to work with. Tasting event was fun! It was not the most personal set up- since it was such a large crowd, but we had a great time and were glad that we got to sample everything, and bring our parents as well. Denise and Nicole were very accommodating. The details meeting was a breeze, Denise was flexible and got back to us with our changes very quickly- they had everything thought out and made it easy for me a bride who was on the brink of loosing her mind in all the details :) Shane was wonderful! So helpful, even met with me to go over lighting, answered all my silly questions and emails and even made a change the night of the wedding and was so great to work with. Very impressed! Everyone we encountered was very responsive and helpful- usually got back to us within the hour, if not the day. The event went well, security was great, the greeters were friendly, on site staff was professional and helpful. I did not hear any complaints in this area :) Beyond impressed with Bellagala and it's sister companies. You all know what you are doing, and I congratulate you on all your success and awards, they are well deserved!



The people at A'BULAE were very open and helpful when I was gathering the initial information I needed. They were very attentive to what we were looking for and didn't hesitate to give me all the information I needed to make my decision. Nothing could compare to A'BULAE. The space was beautiful and Nancy and Jenna were so professional and attentive. I immediately felt their level of experience and dedication and knew that I had to choose this venue. I knew that choosing this venue would make the planning experience as effortless as possible, and I was definitely proven right. I chose Bellagala for our photographers, florist, and DJ, and they all delivered. Sara, our photographer, was great from our engagement session through our wedding and I am so excited to see the pictures from our big day. Matt, our DJ, made that part of our wedding so effortless. He was very professional and delivered a great selection of music that everyone loved. I was absolutely floored by how well our florist, Carol, put everything together. She worked with the collection of birdcages and fragments of ideas that we had to create something absolutely stunning. I was so impressed with the bouquets, centerpieces, and cake decorations. Everyone from Bellagala truly made our wedding perfect and effortless. The tasting event was very fun and helpful. We really liked all of the food choices and they made it easy to choose what we wanted for the wedding. Mintahoe really delivered at our wedding. Everyone just raved about the food and cake. The wait staff were professional and quick, and everything was delivered smoothly. We were all very impressed with the quality of the food and the beauty and flavor of the cake The digital service planning was easy as well. The guide Shane sent me was very detailed, and it was easy to send him everything through Dropbox. He gave me helpful feedback and everything turned out exactly as planned. Everything in regards to the digital experience went smoothly. Everything looked exactly as planned and we had absolutely no issues with anything. All of those digital details at A'BULAE really made our wedding stand out! Nancy and Jenna were great. They always responded to my emails quickly and answered any and all of my questions along the way. They were so on top of everything, and made me feel like our wedding was the only one they were planning for. I was never worried about anything at A'BULAE, and they made our experience so easy and enjoyable. Everything was seamless and fantastic. I can't give enough praise to everyone at A'BULAE. Planning an event this big with so many elements and people involved can really be stressful, but that was not the case with A'BULAE. Everything went so well, everyone was professional, and absolutely everything exceeded my expectations. I would definitely recommend A'BULAE to everyone. I just want to thank everyone for all their hard work in making our wedding truly special and amazing. Everything was beautiful and on point the whole day, and everyone made our wedding stress free and wonderful. Thank you so much!



Jenna was in contact almost immediately. She gave us the run down on dates, pricing and what was included. It was really nice to have an "all inclusive" package. The communication was great. A'BULAE, Jenna and Nancy were all so inviting. The space is so beautiful and lush. The space and people involved make you feel special. I really liked the "all-inclusive" package aspect. It was easy to see cost. At some of the other venues we looked at, it was difficult to get a good idea of how much it was going to cost (after lighting, dance floor, etc) were all added in. The main thing that was different was the "first right of refusal" thing. Most of the other venues we'd looked at had that as an option: A'BULAE did not. (In the end, that worked out for us too!) It {Bellagala} was kind of like having a wedding planner (without hiring one!). It would have been easy to access everything all under one roof. Jenna and Nancy were FANTASTIC!!!! They were hyper-responsive to all of our email questions. They were great about letting us bring in a few people who needed to see the space in order to plan for videotaping, etc. They know the space and what works well. They can explain things well and give lots of good advice. I was glad we had an impromptu meeting with Nancy a few months prior to our wedding. She gave us a lot of good things to think about (such as sender/receiver for flower girl/ring bearer) and the all important form to plan who was walking with who, timing, songs being played when/etc. It was SO HELPFUL in planning. Nancy also gave us a great idea during that meeting. She said she likes it when the bride and groom take a few minutes in the bridal suite alone just after getting married to take it all it. We did that on our wedding day: it was a really special moment for us. The venue looked beautiful. The iConcierge was fun for people to use. People enjoyed the Padzila. The screens and timing on the slideshows/messages was perfect! The Gobo light phrase was perfect. The seating/table assignments worked slick. Photomingle was fun: I think a lot of people missed that you could write on the screen AND that the photos could be printed out. Shane did a beautiful job with our event: we felt very cared for. Everyone was very professional, helpful and polite. I really appreciate Jenna's help with the decision to have the wedding inside. She pointed out a lot of important things (like guest comfort) that I hadn't been as focused on. She was of great help during the day. She helped me to settle a few details like reserved seats. I was really glad that she grabbed the bridal party for a mini-rehearsal. I know it eased the stress of a few of the bridal party. Jenna did a great job at setting us up for our entrance cues. She also grabbed us a drink while we enjoyed our first few private moment married! It was a joy to work with Jenna on the day of our wedding. It felt very "full circle". She was our first contact at A'BULAE and had given us our first tour. It just felt right to have her around during the day. She was SO HELPFUL!!! I just wanted to say a sincere thank you to the entire A'BULAE team. You all were so helpful and sincere. Your hard work made our day so easy and seamless. I felt like family. I have never been one of those girls who dreamed of what my wedding would be like...but you all managed to give me my dream wedding! You did all the hard work and asked the hard questions so I could enjoy the actual MARRIAGE and celebration that occurred. You allowed me to live in the moment instead of dealing with all the details. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!



Jenna responded so promptly to my initial request for information on pricing and availability. She was informative and very helpful. I was blown away by A'BULAE! The contemporary gorgeous venue was just our style and both my husband and I knew A'BULAE was for us immediately. The other venues did not compare to this large, beautiful venue with stunning views of St. Paul. Amazing. We chose Bellagala for our DJ services which was a breeze. Setting up our services went flawlessly and it was helpful having Bellagala staff inside A'BULAE for easy communication. Our tasting with Denise and other brides and grooms-to-be was fantastic. We had a delicious and beautifully presented buffet set up with appetizers and salads. A wide variety of entres were served at our table for us to share with our guests. All of the food was delicious. The food we had chosen prior was not served in the tasting, but we had a great experience and were able to note the quality of the food served. The details meeting with Denise was the best! We finalized every detail of our event and it all came together at that meeting. Shane is the man!! What a cool experience to have several different lighting options throughout the evening. iConcierge was so fun and interesting for our guests and attendants. Shane did an amazing job setting up all of my hundreds of photos I gave him. I'm sure it was an overwhelming task, but you would never have known with Shane's expertise and ability. Jenna, Nancy, and Shane are simply amazing. I felt like I was the only girl in the world getting married in the fall of 2014, by their attention to detail, quick responses, and genuine care and concern that my day was perfect. They answered every question promptly and went above and beyond. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Nancy, your help with our farmer's market bouquets was priceless and your attention to detail is unparallelled. Jenna, you are so helpful and kind and made this experience the best. Shane, that's for putting up with my millions of photos and making it all come together beautifully. And Denise, thanks for helping my AMAZING wedding day all come together. You are the BEST in the business!!! XOXO Love, Becky and Dan JOHNSON :)



My husband and I toured A'BULAE with Nancy prior to the venue being completed. Based on the pricing and sketches of what A'BULAE was going to be we were sold instantly! We found value in using Bellagala for our DJ services being that they're familiar with the venue and operations. My husband and I primarily worked with Denise from Mintahoe and found her to be very helpful. The food tasting was exceptional. There was nothing that we tried that we didn't enjoy. I also found the detail meeting to be very informative. It helped outline the timeline of our special day and allowed us to think about details that we wouldn't have on our own. Shane was extremely helpful with coordinating our wedding day experience in terms of lighting, etc. Jerrod did a great job on the day of our wedding with making sure things went as planned. Our digital service experience was exceptional and one of the leading reasons why we chose A'BULAE as our venue. Shane was helpful in assisting us with coordinating our logo, slideshow and lighting for our event. The digital team was also helpful in coordinating with the production company and live band that we hired to ensure a good show! Pete and I were impressed with the digital experience and appreciate Shane, Matt and Jerrod's assistance! All of the staff that we worked with from A'BULAE, Mintahoe and Bellagala were extremely helpful in assisting us with planning our wedding. The response time to emails and phone calls was impeccable! We really appreciated the support they provided us from planning to carrying out the details of our wedding. We have absolutely no complaints. The food and beverages were delicious and the presentation was appetizing. The service went very smoothly with no glitches, as far as I know :) All of the staff was very friendly and we only heard good things from all of our guests. Pete and I LOVED our wedding day and attribute the staff at A'BULAE, Bellagala and Mintahoe for making our day a success. A'BULAE is a breathtaking venue that offers technology and spaciousness so you're not over crowded! Our event flow went seamlessly and all of our guests said it was one of the best weddings and coolest venues they've ever been to. We'd highly recommend A'BULAE!!! Pete and I would like to thank everyone at A'BULAE, Minatohoe and Sam our DJ from Bellagala for making our wedding unforgettable!



My now husband and I met with Nancy 15 months prior to our wedding date. Her initial professionalism, honesty, and straightforwardness were qualities that did not waver through our planning process. There was not one surprise we encountered from our initial estimates to the final bills! I think it is known we booked the day after our visit! A'BULAE was our first venue tour and we went to Aria right after. We would have compared everything to A'BULAE at that point. The food tasting was a special event in itself. It really gave us insight on the capabilities of Mintahoe. From my perspective the serving staff, bartenders and all were great.  All was absolutely amazing



The tour itself was more professional and personal than other venues. You could tell Nancy appreciated the venue herself and took pride in A'BULAE. The responses from A'BULAE were quick and if someone didn't know the answer, they would find someone that did and either call back or put me on a brief hold. With everything going on and all of the things a couple has to think about when planning their wedding, I felt overwhelmed until I found that Nancy and Jenna could guide with such ease. The food was fabulous. We heard from many of our guests that it was the best wedding food they have had. The staff was professional and brought the food in a timely manner. The bartenders were extremely busy but did their best to serve everyone. Event flow was flawless. The on-site coordinator was the best of the best. Thanks, Jenna! We had such a fabulous time. You did an amazing job of assuring the day went without a glitch. The amount of compliments we received on how well organized the wedding was by you is crazy. We really REALLY appreciate your help and would definitely recommended A'BULAE to any couple looking for a venue. We would also like to make a special note about the bartender, Charlie. There was a little miscommunication but he went above and beyond to sort it out and was extremely professional and really stood out as a valuable employee. Please pass our appreciation on to him (or Denise). We couldn't be more satisfied with how the day turned out and we have you, bellagala and the mintahoe staff to thank for that. Pictures to come :)



The tour was so amazing we didn't look anywhere else! It was so great having the vendors all used to working with each other and the convenience of referrals was great. Denise was great and brought things things to our attention that we had not thought of. Shane was awesome! Answered all our questions and did things we didn't know were possible! The colors were spot on and it really helped enhance the space. Everyone contacted me very promptly. They checked up often and anytime I had a question I would have an answer within 24 hours if not sooner. The food was AWESOME! The staff was so professional but also very kind and personable. The bartenders were so great! One woman who I wish I had her name was so great and would have a beer ready for my on the counter every time I walked close by but would taken away from guests. She always had it ready before I could order. It was so perfect! Everything flowed better than I could have imagined. I honestly can't say anything could have been better. Just another thank you! I had so many great comments from guests saying how great of a wedding this was. We received complements about the venue, staff, food, DJ, etc. It was PERFECT!



Jenna was awesome to work with from the day that we met her. She is organized, anticipated all of our needs and it was a relief to have her knowledge and help with all the details that I might have even thought of. She was especially sweet when she had to break the news to us 15 minutes before the ceremony was supposed to start that is was raining and that we would have to move the ceremony inside. She was more than just professional, she cares very much about her work as I could tell it broke her heart almost as much as mine to have the ceremony moved inside at the last minute. Jenna got to work right away and turned the dance floor in to a beautiful, intimate space that we will remember for the rest of our lives. We want to thank Jenna and all the staff at A’bulae for all their hard work in making our day so special – we are still getting compliments on how amazing our wedding was. Thank you Jenna!



We had an amazing time at A'BULE from start to finish. As soon as you walk through the door and talk with the amazing staff you know that you are in good hands. Every minute was accounted for and there wasn't a worry in my mind throughout the whole process. It also made planning from afar a piece of cake. You were the first and last place we visited! We could not have found a better venue and team of people to work with! Especially planning out of state the in-house vendor option worked the best for us. I was able to have everything done in one spot and able to track the services and money very easily. Denise at Mintahoe was amazing. Everything from the staff to the food was outstanding. I was shocked at all of the food we were able to try at the food tasting. Denise was great about revisions to our BEO and so on top of everything I may have needed. The food and beverage experience could not have gone any better. The dinner had a great flow to it and guests were not waiting for food. The dishes looked great and not like your average banquet type food you generally see at weddings. The bartenders were a hit! They were so friendly and nice to guests! I know it was a little tough for them to keep up with our guests! I think we went through quite a bit of Coors light! The friendly staff paired with great food and service made our day extra special! Shane is amazing. He set up the dropbox for us to send pictures. You can really tell he loves his job through the work he delivers. He was great about reaching out to us before the wedding to confirm everything we needed as well. We spend so much time away from our families because of Al's hockey schedule that showing personal photos was a big thing for us. Having the tv screens scroll through different pictures throughout different points of the night gave our guests an insight to our love story. It is a much better way to show off photos rather than a 5 minute slideshow that you see at most wedding...where by the middle of the movie you are uninterested. For a place that literally took off running with up to 3 weddings each weekend it really seems like you guys know each wedding. For the amount of weddings you guys do you do not "go through the motions". You get to know the couples and their details. Everything was amazing. It couldn't have gone any better. Everyone did an amazing job. I can't say enough about the group of people you guys have at A'BULAE.



Nancy and Jenna were amazing to work with. Nancy was there through the whole process with us, and answered every question we had in an extremely timely manner. She was direct, to the point, friendly, detailed, fun, and just an overall joy to work with. We will miss being in contact with her!! A'BULAE stood out from all of the others! We booked while the venue was still under construction, and we were amazed at how beautiful it was! Everything was great! The food was prepared perfect and everyone enjoyed it! The staff was very friendly and did a graet job of making the day run smooth!Once again, Nancy and Jenna were AWESOME. I can't tell you how nice it was to have people there to ask even the smallest of question to and have a super quick response. We loved every aspect of working with them!! Everything was wonderful - we can't thank everyone enough for helping make our day SO special!!!!! It was a perfect weekend!



Nancy and Jenna were both extremely helpful throughout the entire process with out being pushy. I really enjoyed the process and it is a big reason why we chose Abulae. The pricing was higher then other venues but the facilities were second to none. Both our tasting and Details Meeting went very smoothly and Denise helped us iron out a lot of details that we did not originally think of. Shane was very helpful and helped make a monagram that fit us. We enjoyed working with him. All my vendors commented on how easy Abulae was to work with and i really appreciated the check ins and timeline help. Everything was wonderful! we were blown away by how professional the entire staff was. Many of our guest still comment on the venue and the flow of the evening and I am so grateful for everyone that made that possible. Myself and my entire family were at ease that day because of the staff at Abulae and Mintahoe. I wish we could have a do over just to get married there again ;) THANK YOU SO very much for everything. You are running an exceptional organization and truly do make the most important day so stress free. Thanks again for everything!



A'BULAE was very straight forward in their pricing and information - there were no surprises along the way! All of the info was very clear and thorough which made the decision of which venue to choose a lot easier! Hands down, the best! We toured A'BULAE when it was still under construction and were convinced by the renderings and Nancy's knowledge of the space that it was going to b turn out to be beautiful - and it was! My questions were always addressed and answered very quickly. The whole staff was so great and willing to help at any time. Mintahoe was AWESOME! My mom mentioned that Stephanie was the friendliest and most helpful person. She also said that it was obvious that everyone loves their job and is proud of what they do there. That makes a huge difference! I was concerned about the chicken being dry (from a previous wedding there and the tasting) but Denise ensured me that she would keep an eye on it - and she did. The food tasted great! Shane was informative and didn't need very much direction which was great for us. I trusted his judgement on colors. Andy was our DJ and was great also - he was very detailed and got to know us as a couple to make sure he understood what we did and didn't want. Nancy, Jenna, Denise and staff went above and beyond on the day of our wedding! It made the whole experience go flawlessly and I always felt comfortable that what I asked would get done and no detail would be missed. I wish I could go through the day all over again! Thank you, thank you, thank you!



My husband Buddy and I were overwhelmed with the scale, beauty, decor finishes, and uniqueness of A'bulae from the first moment we stepped off the elevator into the venue. This was BEFORE the space was even completed!!!! Nancy was the first initial moment was warm, welcoming,informative, and her expertise in the event business was clearly evident. Unique, stunning, innovative, modern, romantic and a bit vintage in space parts, beautiful and to boot a roof top with an amazing view. We had looked at several other venues around Rice park and our daughter was not excited about any of them until she walked I to A'bulae. We had high expectations for the food and has two private tastings as we requested besides the initial large group tasting. The first tasting was impressive but needed tweeking and we brought our sea bass and potato recipe to Mintahoe. The second tasting was for re tasting food and coming up with starch options. Denise heard what we wanted as well with the wine and bent over backwards to bring us good options. She suggested orzo and she was correct as a sea food compliment. Nancy, Denise, and Jenna were always prompt in returning an email! phone call with the guidance and information I needed, always. Applause applause applause to A'bulae and your team and I must add that the vision perhaps was mine. It our Nicolle Sellers was at the very heart and soul of everything and she so richly deserves accolade upon accolade for her part in the most beautiful wedding ever imagined, a dream come true for the Howells, the Nolan's and of course the bride and groom!!!!!!



Wonderful experience! We were well taken care of from start to finish. I had no complaints. I felt A'bulae was able to offer everything for having a perfect and worry free wedding. Nancy and Jenna were the best and always made me feel so special! A'buale was the only venue we toured. I am in the wedding industry so I knew what was out there. A'bulae met all of our expectations. We booked on the spot because we knew we would not find that anywhere else. The rooftop and the bridal suite is what sold me! :) Everything was made easy. All of the guests enjoyed the food. We felt we had plenty of options too. Charlie the bartender was everyone's favorite! :) Shane was great and professional. We felt we had so many options to personalize our wedding. I loved the lighting that was offered! Everything was picture perfect. I loved that the venue was all inclusive. The bridal suite was so relaxing and made everything that much easier. The guys loved having the grooms suite as well. We used the rooftop for the ceremony and loved that we could do everything right there. All of our guests were amazed and said that it was the best venue they have ever been to. Thank you for making our wedding the best day of our life! Keep doing what you are doing! You truly made all of our dreams come true and we could never imagine our wedding being anywhere else.



We toured A'BULAE before construction was completed. Nancy did a wonderful job taking us through the vision for the space as well as the tour of the actual space. She was knowledgeable about the future layout and really helped us visualize what the venue would look like. There really was no comparison. A'BULAE was the first venue we looked at and every other venue was not of the same caliber. The open space alone of A'BULAE made other venues feel small or claustrophobic. We utilized Bellagala for our DJ, Hair & Makeup, Cake, Florist, and Event Planner. The Bellagala team was informed and each vendor was a dream to work with! The A'BULAE staff were always so helpful whenever we needed suggestions, had any questions, or anything at all! I truly enjoyed working with them during the whole process. When my mom passed away in June of 2013, I even got an email from Nancy to express her condolences after seeing the obituary in the paper. I was shocked and touched that even with all the booked weddings and brides that are dealt with daily, she remembered my family/mom enough to know if was her in the paper. The staff as a whole really made our day absolutely magical, if only it hadn't gone by so fast! ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!!

MAY 24   |  ERIN + MIKE


I have to say, I am sorry and sad that our wedding is over. As we were driving out of A'BULAE after our wedding came to an end, I felt an overwhelming sadness come over me. We have been coming for so long for meetings and had the date to look forward to for so long and then... boom!, it was over with. Even though I have loved not being chained to my laptop every free second on my days to plan it all (hence me not getting back to you earlier!), I am going through withdrawal!! Our wedding day was absolutely exquisite. There are no words except PERFECTION. Every detail we talked about, decided upon exceeded our expectations and we were so, so pleased with our day at A'BULAE. You are amazing. From our first interactions, I felt and knew that. A'BULAE brides are so lucky to be able to work with you. You are the most attentive, caring, patient wedding coordinator I know. You are passionate about what you do and where you work and I think that is the reason so many couples choose A'BULAE. Honestly. Besides it being the most unreal venue ever, the connection with you/Jenna is just as (if not more) important. Thank you for being there for me in our 15 mo. of wedding planning. The never-ending emails with questions, the ongoing meetings with my mom and I, the connections made with our vendors. All of it was just amazing and like I said, I'm sad it's over. EVERYONE raved about everything about the venue. Like I knew they would!! I was so excited for all to see it - I got so many questions about A'BULAE when the invitations went out and I lit up when I talked about it. And everyone's mind was blown. They loved it and I'm still getting compliments. I have also been told that our wedding was the smoothest and most flowing wedding they've been to. People thought the rooftop ceremony was amazing. It all was. It really was. The food was also raved about - and people don't expect much from wedding food - but I've gotten so many comments about how delish it was and how nothing was left on their plates. That's what I like to hear!! We cannot wait to see our professional pictures ... the day/evening was such a whirlwind, I need to relive it through those. So many of the decisions and details I obsessed over for months/weeks leading up to the day, I didn't even notice day-of. :-) I guess that is just how it is. Once we get a link to our pictures, I'll send it to you so you can see. :-) Thanks so much, Nancy! You were a gem to work with and you made our experience with A'BULAE absolutely amazing!! I hate that this is goodbye and I'm going to miss you, too! We will most definitely send you a Christmas card/photo. Thank you for making our wedding is special, so personal and so amazing. It truly was the best day ever. We love A'BULAE!! Best, Erin and Mike



I was very, very pleased with our experience. Nancy and Jenna were extremely informative and very willing to answer our questions and give us tours (multiple times) There really was no comparison. The venue is absolutely beautiful and I knew when the bride and groom saw A'bulae this is where the wedding/reception would be held. This venue is far above others available in the St. Paul area. There is really nothing that could have made my daughter's wedding day any better. It was a fairy tale day and EVERYBODY at Abulae and Mintahoe Catering played a role in making it perfect. Thank you so much.



Nancy was fabulous right out of the gate. We walked into A'BULAE and immediately knew it was the venue for us. Not only because the space is so beautiful, but because we loved the people there! We toured and booked A'BULAE prior to completion, so it was price competitive with other venues we reviewed. Having everything "all-inclusive" was a huge help. With so many vendors to manage throughout the wedding planning process, I felt so at ease with A'BULAE because I knew I wasn't forgetting anything. Bellagala helped me fill in the areas where I didn't have a vendor selected. I was thrilled with the people we selected: Andrew (DJ), Dawn (Florist), and Robin (hair). I didn't have specific vendors in mind for those areas so it was a great option to help me complete the puzzle of our day! Bellagala also took care of everything (including reminding me what we needed to do next). I really appreciated that since there are so many moving parts. Denise is awesome! We changed our mind a few times throughout the process (plated meal vs. buffet, indoor vs. outdoor ceremony, etc). She was so patient and helpful each time we made a change. The tasting was so fun! It got us really excited about our day and helped us make a few food choices we may have not selected otherwise. My mother-in-law created an extensive dessert buffet for our wedding, with many platters and towers and crystal pieces. Denise answered SO MANY questions for us along the way (including "how tall are the cupcakes?" - seriously!) We were so thankful for her responsiveness and great attitude! The experience was great. Everything turned out even better than we could have hoped! Seeing the lighting, the custom logo, and all of the elements pulled together really put the cherry on top of our day. Everyone was incredibly supportive, responsive, and helpful. We really loved everyone we had the chance to work with. The food was so delicious! I had many guest say it was by far the best "wedding food" they've ever had! The staff was so professional; it made our event feel so elegant! I loved how they continued to restock the dessert buffet throughout the night so it looked perfect the entire evening! I didn\'t worry about a single thing on our day! I imagined that I would be running around trying to finalize things and coordinate people, but I didn\'t have to do any of that. We had such a fun and relaxing morning, it set us up so well for the day. I really appreciated how well everyone kept us informed of what was coming up next, where they needed us, and just how well everything flowed. It truly was the best day ever! I\'ve never heard so many people talk about how it was the most well executed and beautiful wedding they\'ve ever seen. We\'re all still talking about it 2 weeks later :) Thank you so much to everyone who contributed to make our day perfect!



Good morning! Yolanda and I just wanted to drop you a quick note thanking you for helping to make our wedding an incredible, memorable event. Everyone raved about the space and what an amazing experience it was. Thank you and your talented team for everything you did. The DJ, photography and make-up were all top notch and we couldn’t be happier. Speaking of hair and make-up, we neglected to tip Wendy and her assistant, so we would like to make arrangements to do so when we settle up the final bill for anything that might not have been covered yet. Beyond that, thanks again for providing a day that we will never forget. I hope I am not in the market for a wedding venue any time soon, but I will not hesitate to recommend Abulae or Bellagala to anyone that we know who is. Your space and your staff are the best around. Thanks!



We saw A'BULAE while it was under construction, but Nancy was able to mind our minds at ease about any concerns we had about what the final look of the venue would be. It was valuable in terms of having everything under one "roof," and so many of our team (Bellagala) had already worked with one another. Much easier to keep track of than if we had gone through several different vendors. Much more thorough and easy to work with than any of the other venues we looked at. Tasting was fabulous! The details meeting went so smoothly. Denise made everything really easy. Joe took care of the digital service, and said that Shane was really responsive and helpful. He met with us personally and offered to meet again for us to see the color combinations and anything else he had put together. Staff were AMAZING the day of the wedding. Presentation was also amazing - the best I've ever seen at a wedding. The food was also the best I've ever had at a wedding. Loved the venue - it was exactly what we wanted and was so beautiful on our wedding day. REally impressed with how everything came together - I didn't worry about a THING on my wedding day! Love the curtain for the "reveal" of the dining table area.



I wanted to say thank you for all your help and work at our wedding on 2/22! Everything was fantastic, only problem is that it went by way too fast You did a great job directing my crazy group!! Our night was just about perfect! Thank You!



Whenever I had a question, I received a timely response with the best advice I could have imagined! It was so helpful! Delicious food! Denise was great to work with! Every server knew Alex and I's names, and it was so nice to always be asked throughout the night if there was anything we needed. The staff was all polite and professional with all of our guests. Everything was more than delicious! It completely exceeded our expectations! This was more than I could have ever imagined without all the help from A\'BULAE, Bellagala and Mintahoe. Shane was very helpful with everything that was offered through A'BULAE. Everything was more than what Alex and I could have ever done at any other venue. We appreciate the thoughtfulness of every staff member that helped with the planning, and with the day of. Without all of those involved we would not have had such an amazing time. I cannot thank those at A'BUALE, Bellagala, and Mintahoe enough for making our wedding so perfect!!



The food was delicious. Many compliments were received from my guests. I've never experienced the stations before so it was a truly wonderful experience. Both bartenders were so nice and friendly. Please pass along my compliments. You are lucky to have them representing A'bulae because they exhibit the message you want them to deliver - great customer service with a smile!! Everyone involved in all areas of responsibility were professional, kind and so accommodating with all my requests and details. It couldn't have been more perfect!!! Wonderful event space, beautiful atmosphere, great people to take care of every detail. Loved it!!!



I walked in unannounced in July and was immediately impressed! A'BULAE took my guests' breath away - I enjoyed everything about A'BULAE and Mintahoe from the minute I stepped foot off that elevator for the first time last July! You are all nice, fun, approachable, professional and very knowledgable. Thank you for making our 1st Studs & Suds/Chicks & Chablis such a success. I knew - with such a class-act venue - it would be a success! Nancy, Jenna and Shane were a joy to work with - and very knowledgeable and professional - and fun! A pleasure to have met all of you and worked with you. Again, Jenna and crew, thank you for the kind words, and thank you for helping me "knock their sox off." I'll be back November 7, 2014!



The staff was wonderful and up front about everything from the get go. It was wonderful knowing exactly what out money paid for and what came with the incredible space. Bellagala's experience and reputation left no questions in my mind I was receiving the best of the best. It was a nice option to use instead of having to interview and research places on my own. Shane was wonderful to work with and made things very easy on me! Denise was extremely organized and wonderful to work with. I loved having use of the big iPad. The slide show and the wedding snap app gave people visual entertainment all night long. I loved looking back at the pictures people posted throughout the evening. Everything was perfect for our big day! The space looked wonderful. The staff was professional and everything was just amazing! Thanks



Dan and I have one word to describe the reception: perfect!!!! We were extremely happy how everything turned out, it was flawless and exceeded our expectations (if something did go wrong, neither of us or our guests were aware of it). The feedback from our guests was how great the venue was but also how great the reception was, something for everyone. A big thank you to you and your team for everything. Thanks for always be available to answer any questions I had, even if it wasn't related to the reception, greatly appreciate it! Also, thanks for all your help the day of the wedding, sashes for bridesmaids, spoons for candy dishes, etc. I also want to give a shout out to Shane too, I thought he was great! He was very flexible and patient with us turning information to him and he ended up videoing some parts of the reception because he heard that we wanted a videographer but weren't able to get one; went above and beyond what was expected of him. If you ever need a referral, Dan and I would be happy to do it for you - we love this place and you guys!!! We'll have to grab lunch within the next month or so to catch up! You will definitely get a Christmas card. Again, thanks again for everything and we'll have to stay in touch!



Excellent service with both Nancy and Jenna. Checked in on a regular basis and got back to me right away when I had a question. Shane did a great job and was responsive to our inquiries. Our guests used and loved all the digital offerings! Photo Mingle and electronic guest book, EverSnap got a lot of use. Denise was AWESOME! Very thorough and pleasant. Estimates came back in a timely fashion and she responded to my questions quickly. LOVED working with both the A'Bulae staff and the Mintahoe staff and would recommend you in a heartbeat!