Choosing the Perfect Bridal Suite for Your Wedding

A bridal dress is hanging from the chandelier above the center of a 5-way full length mirror.

All the arrangements have been painstakingly made for your big day. And now it’s finally here!

But there’s a secret many wedding professionals don’t talk much about . . . the potential stress of getting ready on your wedding day. It can be one of the most exciting, yet nerve-wracking, times in your life. There are so many high emotions bubbling up. The bride, the groom, and their wedding parties need a private place to prepare for what can be an intensely emotional day filled with pressure for everything to go just right. They require a sequestered area where they can relax and transform into their most radiant selves. 

When you’re touring venues, making sure there is a special place to get ready is key. And we suggest your location have these important elements…. 


One of the most important ingredients to your glam room is having full-length mirrors and quality lighting. Hairstylists and makeup artists can’t perfect your wedding day look without them. Even if you do your own styling and face, inadequate lighting and mirrors can give you a distorted appearance. Make sure you secure a room with a lot of mirrors to see all of your best angles . . . especially when you’re fully-dressed. Mirrors and good lighting also contribute to creating stunning photos.


Getting ready is stressful, especially when your whole bridal party needs to get ready at the same time. Hair, makeup, dresses . . . oh my! So you need to make sure there’s enough space for you, your bridal party, and all of your necessities. 


You don’t want to be bumping into each other while you’re trying to look your best. And you need enough room for everyone to put on their gowns. Basically, the more room you have to get ready in, the better!

A photo taken from inside of the suite, displaying a full length mirror, a table with beverages and snacks and a place to hang the bride's gown.


Check with your venue to see if they have a place where you can get ready before your wedding. Many actually DON’T, which means you’ll need to travel to a completely different place prior to your ceremony. Not only will your gown get crumpled en route to your wedding, but these situations add an unnecessary layer of stress. The wedding party is constantly watching the clock to make sure they coordinate effectively with their transportation instead of focusing on getting ready.


If your venue does have a place for the bridal party to prepare, be sure to check on the size. The sad fact is that many locations only have enough space for two or three people. There are few things that add more stress on a bride than by trying to get ready in a cramped room with a group of other women . . . even if they ARE her BFFs. A bride and her bridesmaids require space to move around so they can look and feel their best.


Don’t forget about the nibbles! Many brides and bridesmaids have reported forgetting to eat on the wedding day from all the excitement. Then later they feel lightheaded or faint, and don’t enjoy their own day as much as they should. Trust us, your wedding day is going to go by so fast it will seem like a blur. So make sure you bring snacks that are not messy and easy-to-consume. Definitely eat a little at something before the ceremony!

Also it’s so obvious that you may forget about it. But you need water . . . especially on your wedding day. Being dehydrated can make you tired, cranky, or even give you cramps. Something most people don't know is that water also helps your kidneys and keeping your blood sugar stable. Just because you’re busy doesn’t mean you can ignore your body’s need for H20!


Accidents can happen. So can forgetfulness. You never know when someone might leave something important behind or need a wound tended to. Obviously, you can’t plan for everything. But if you have a basic emergency kit filled with a sewing kit, feminine products, band-aids, batteries, and anything else you think you might need, then you’re on your way to having one less headache. It seems to be fate that whenever you are prepared for an emergency, it doesn’t happen. So plan ahead to avoid unpleasant surprises.


You and your bridal party are going to be on your feet a lot the day of the wedding. So it’s a good idea to have enough extra chairs around the room so everyone can relax when they need to. Then you and your treasured attendants can take breaks at their leisure. They aren’t forced to stand uncomfortably while everyone’s getting ready. Taking a load off helps keep you and your attendants recharg before the main event starts. And there is a lot of standing and dancing built-in to wedding events!


The last thing you want is to walk down the aisle in a wrinkly wedding gown. And you certainly don’t want your bridesmaids looking unkempt in theirs either. So you’ll want to make sure there is ample space to hang your dresses in your bridal suite where they won’t get dirty or be in the way.  


Picking a bridal suite can be a tall order. So we suggest you manage the stress before it happens at A’Bulae’s charming on-site suites that are specially created to give wedding parties the sanctuary they need to prepare for the day.

A group of bridesmaids surround the bride as she has completed hair and makeup with her gown on for her big day!


Our bridal suite offers the bride and her bridesmaids a lovely spot to glam up for the ceremony and reception. It features spacious vanity seating for your wedding party, with an enormous full-length, 5-way mirror, a lounge space with plush furniture, and a private powder room.


Lounge around in robes and slippers while sipping on a delicious mimosa. You'll feel like a princess as you get pampered in comfort!


Of course, we didn't stop there! Salon chairs and additional vanity seating makes it easier than ever to save time and reduce stress with on-site hair and makeup. And what would an amazing suite be without the necessities of built-in lighting, hanging space for dresses and tuxes, iPod/iPhone docking stations, a flat-screen TV, and lockers to store your belongings? All come standard as this suite is truly in a class by itself.

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