• When it comes to wedding planning, by far one of the best parts is selecting all of your wedding decorations, color palettes, and floral arrangements.


    Each and every detail brings life to your vision and creates a wedding day that will be unique to your love story. But if you want a jaw-dropping effect to put it all together - deck out your wedding dance floor with fantastic elements. Ready to elevate your wedding to a level that will blow your wedding guests away? Check out these stunning inspirational ideas for your wedding dance floor, so that anyone will raise the roof at your celebration.

  • Have you been wondering what a real COVID-19 2020 wedding looks like? The truth is... not a whole lot different! Sure, things are a little spaced apart and you have more intimate group of loved ones wearing masks, but other than that - indistinguishable! See for yourself. 

  • 2020 has been an amazing year in many respects, but as we are all well aware, it has also been a year full of challenging circumstances. Weddings are magical events, a time for togetherness with family, friends, fun, and community.  COVID-19 has been challenging those circumstances, but with creative solutions and a sprinkling of patience, weddings at A'BULAE have not only been able to continue but are turning out to be even more memorable than initially planned.