One primary goal of A’BULAE is to have the ability to personalize the space and make it engaging for guests. The best way to do this is to use an assortment of interactive video technologies. 

Monograms are a stunning and effective way to visually convey the unique theme of your own love story .  At A'BULAE you we can customize something from our library of design options,  display a monogram you've already created,  or design something completely unique to complete your vision . From process to presentation, the entire experience is tailored to what works best for you.



Projected spotlight graphics brighten up two key areas of the Saints Ballroom.  Project your name,  date or initials with a beautiful rotating accent light on the dance floor with a matching static projection glimmering on a focal wall just outside the lounge. 

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Photos and videos are the best way to emphasize key moments of your love story. At A'BULAE the possibilities are endless.

Highlight key moments from your engagement session in a beautifully animated slide show. 


A'BULAE's skilled and experienced can make it all happen for you without creating any more work for you.  Let us handle the heavy lifting!



Lighting, lighting, lighting! It has more power over your event than any other design element. Done right, it will make every single one of your investments into photography, videography, music entertainment, floral, and cake turn out even better!

Photography is all about the art of light. We've put a lot of thought into how to light the head table, ceremony stage area, and of course the dance floor, for optimum results. Photographers take lots of pictures in these three spots, and they are some of the toughest areas for the photographer to light well, but we’ve taken all the guesswork out.

We put movable recessed track lighting with intense pin lights that can be pointed down directly onto your floral centerpieces. This makes your floral pop and accentuates the natural beauty in the space.

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We also created beautiful "pools" of light that will create great contrast and depth for your photos and videos.

For DJs and musicians, we sent all lighting controls to a single source onstage. From there, the music entertainment or VJ has the ability to control the house lights, LED uplighting, and the dance floor lights. This provides for smoother transitions and better event coordination overall, along with having the capability to powerfully change the mood in an instant.

As for setting the mood in the entire space, we've got that covered too! A'BULAE has incredible colored LED lighting built in to virtually every single pillar throughout the lounge, dance floor, and dining areas. It's a flexible system that allows for dramatic color changes to fit your theme.

The bottom line is that A'BULAE has put a lot of thought and investment into lighting. It's almost magical, and it goes beyond just the surface of making your space gorgeous and customized. All your details in floral, linens, cake, and especially your photography and videography, will be further enhanced by the lighting.