All 9 spaces are included in your venue rental - Check out our galleries for inspiration!

9,800 sq ft of ballroom space to use exactly as you need. Surrounded by floor-to-ceiling windows, guests are provided with amazing light and views.

2,300 sq ft of distinct space just off the side of the dance floor and ballroom. Guests can relax in lounge seating, grab a drink, and take a breather from the dancing to chat!

With 4,000 sq ft, our rooftop space provides unique views of the state capitol and is perfect for an outdoor ceremony and cocktail hour.

Our spacious pearl dance floor, sizing up to be 35' x 54', is plenty of space for all of your guests to dance the night away. Lounge furniture is also positioned to the side and included in your rental.

At 1,100 sq ft, our Park lounge is one of the largest private dressing rooms within a venue. With spacious vanity seating, a full-length surrounding mirror, and private bathrooms, you can relax before the big day.

The Wall Street lounge is smaller at 700 sq ft, but still providing enough space for private and comfortable moments. Plus, this suite is connected to a gaming room with gaming systems that can serve as entertainment.

Our on-site, full-service catering kitchen is the cornerstone for excellent cuisine. We will provide you and your guests with a unique culinary taste.