Same-Sex Decor Ideas to Wow the Unwowable Guests

Two grooms are on the rooftop of the venue, holding hands as the sun sets to the side

No matter how exhausting and stressful your wedding planning is, your wedding day will be absolutely unforgettable.

But if you are looking for ways to break traditional and really WOW your wedding guests, you might want to incorporate some surprises. Whether that's a choreographed dance, a wardrobe change, unique menu selections, or something completely different, here are a few surprise ideas that will WOW even the Unwowable wedding guests. 


If you are looking for a way to make your wedding ceremony feel memorable and unique, consider changing up one of the first things your guests experience — their ceremony seats. Rather than having the “expected” straight rows of chairs or benches, switch up your ceremony seating setup. 


Some pretty creative and unexpected ways to do this are to rearrange the ceremony chairs into exciting shapes such as semi-circles, spirals, and even squares that can make your wedding ceremony feel more intimate and inclusive. So, forget the choosing sides traditions, with a curved seating pattern, you will literally be surrounded by your most loved and cherished family and friends.


Nothing says gay wedding more than the rainbow symbol that everyone is so familiar with. But instead of having it plastered everywhere (which might look distracting), why not infuse the symbol in unexpected ways. In modern times, couples from all walks of life are looking for ways to wow their wedding guests.  And we believe the surprising details are the ones with the most impact. 


So for a little wow power, consider having the inside of your cake be in layers resembling a rainbow. No one will know it until you cut into it, and there’s the surprise. Your guests will love it, and you will get some great photos! 


Yep, that’s right! You can now get rainbow-soled shoes. Super comfy for a long day, and a great photo op. Another great way to infuse the rainbow into your wedding is with the guys wearing stylish striped socks in bold colors. 


Nothing gets people excited like confetti, so why not add it to your ceremony. Right after you say “I Do” and have that first kiss as Mr & Mr or Mrs & Mrs, turn to walk down the aisle and have someone shoot off a small cannon filled with rainbow-colored confetti. Guests will be amazed and really get excited about the party time that is next. Definitely a WOW factor!


Traditions are meant to be broken, right? Well, we believe that this is one wedding tradition that needs to change. Instead of having a bride and her bridesmaids and a groom and groomsmen, why not have the groom's maids or bridesmen?

We absolutely love the idea of having each groom select their best gals to stand by their side on their wedding day. And nothing looks better than a fierce set of ladies crushing a pantsuit rather than gown as the groom's maids if you choose. Imagine you and your best gal friends primping and getting ready in a chic and swanky groom suite filled with style, class, and luxury decor at every turn. 


Your guests will be absolutely wowed and thrilled by your ultra-glam and modern bridal party twist.


Age-old wedding traditions always said there is one side for the bride’s friends and family and one side for the grooms. Today what we are seeing is that more than ever, wedding guests are friends of the couple.

We love the new trend that we are seeing on Pinterest, where couples are having custom signs made that say, “Pick a seat, not a side. Either way, it’s for a bride.”


When you want all eyes on you or to go viral after your wedding, one sure-fire way to do that is capture an Insta-worthy photo. Here’s a great idea! If the weather permits, have the newlyweds stand in front and line the bridal party up in back, side by side. Each one of them has a smoke bomb filled with a different color. When they set them off, it will create a fantastic color explosion over your heads. 


Femme females are ruling the world right now, and on your wedding day, it should be no different. No set rule says only one can wear a wedding gown, or only one can wear a suit. If both of you feel feminine, then both should say your “I Do’s” in a bridal gown, with a bouquet and veil. It is totally acceptable to be who you are on your wedding day. After all, your closest friends and family know you, so showing up on your wedding day in a black tux just might not be you.


No over-the-top, ultra-glam wedding is complete without an unforgettable sendoff or wedding exit. And when you are filled with style and sass, it has to be the best. Here are some epic wedding exit ideas that will leave your guest speechless:

Bubbles -- Confetti -- Fall Leaves -- Wish Lanterns -- Glow Sticks -- Boat Send-Off

For more details on these and other killer wedding exit ideas, check out this great resourse on Wedding Wire.