Raise the Roof! Inspiration for the Dance Floor

Couples are laughing and dancing during the reception

When it comes to wedding planning, by far one of the best parts is selecting all of your wedding decorations, color palettes, and floral arrangements.

Each and every detail brings life to your vision and creates a wedding day that will be unique to your love story. But if you want a jaw-dropping effect to put it all together - deck out your wedding dance floor with fantastic elements. Ready to elevate your wedding to a level that will blow your wedding guests away? Check out these stunning inspirational ideas for your wedding dance floor, so that anyone will raise the roof at your celebration.


The dance floor is always one of the focal points at any wedding reception. After all, most people will spend a lot of time dancing the night away, and others that don't like to dance will be watching. Adding a little extra spice by including a decorative element will be something your guests don't expect and will absolutely love.


A great way to dress up your dance floor is by adding a unique lighting effect! Check out our list of the most lit dance floor inspirations (pun very much intended!). 


What an ingenius way to light up your entire dance floor. LED lights are an effect that most of your wedding guests will have never seen before. This lighting idea adds a sparkly, dotted look across the entire dance floor and looks super cool.


For an extra special touch to your LED lit dance floor, add a unique and personalized neon light in front of your band or DJ. Fun words like Mr. & Mrs., or LOVE, or the couple’s last name in neon lights look fantastic! And who doesn’t like to see their name in lights?


Whoa! Intelligent and sound-activated lights take the fun up to an entirely new level. The super techy intelligent system where the lights respond to the sounds and beats is something out-of-this-world. Your wedding guests will undoubtedly be in awe to see the lights dancing to the tunes with them. 


A super trendy lighting effect is to add your monogram or favorite pattern to the dance floor in lights. Monograms are an effective and stunning way to visually convey the unique theme of your love story. At A'BULAE, you can fully customize your lighting, including, displaying a monogram you have already created, or design something unique to complete your vision. 

Three images showing different lighting features offered at A'BULAE



If you are on the hunt for an unexpected yet fun and bold way to make a statement at your wedding reception, then the ceiling over your dance floor will do the trick. Hanging floral arrangements or flower clouds are gaining momentum at modern weddings. These beautiful installations are pretty and pack a big punch. 


None of your wedding guests would ever imagine seeing gorgeous floral explosions coming from the ceiling. And talk about fantastic wedding photos? Together with some uplighting, and your wedding dance floor will be the envy of couples everywhere, and totally Instagrammable. 


Paper lanterns are another great idea to add a burst of color, Edison bulbs or string lights are perfect for an industrial city venue such as A’BULAE, and draping the ceiling adds an instant romantic vibe. One of the most imaginative options that we have seen is a ribbon-covered canopy over the dance floor. Truly unique and unexpected.


If you dream of having a vintage or luxe boho-style wedding and would love to add a little unexpected texture to your wedding dance floor, how about some rugs? Cover the entire dance floor with decorative rugs to create an unbelievable dancing experience. 


One of our favorite ideas for dressing up the dance floor at your outdoor wedding is to hang floating chandeliers. These romantic decorative elements add a touch of whimsy and romance that will look fantastic in your wedding photos. This design element would look fabulous on our rooftop venue. 

Our goal is to make your wedding planning experience enjoyable. No matter what wedding theme or decor you have in mind, your Digital Coordinator at A’BULAE will help you design and implement unique decor elements that will make your wedding dance floor the place to be. Make sure to tell your guests to bring their dancing shoes as this will be one unforgettable event!



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