How to Have a New York-Style Loft Wedding in Minnesota

A rectangular copper arch with floral features for the ceremony space. Floor-to-ceiling windows behind the arch show views into downtown St Paul.

The time has finally come when you’re engaged and starting to plan your big day. Congratulations! 


Are you looking to plan your wedding in Minnesota, but wishing for that jaw-dropping New York-style loft? Well, there’s a way to have both. You just have to get creative. But, don’t think you have to sacrifice anything for your big day. 


Here are a few things to focus on to make sure you get your dream New York-style loft wedding in St. Paul . . .


If you have a specific vision for your wedding or event in mind, then you need the perfect venue to compliment that vision. 

And, if your vision includes a metropolitan vibe, then you may be thinking rooftop ceremony, city skyline views, and big city afterparty. You may want to consider holding your event at A'BULAE! Keep reading to find out why . . . 


You, as a couple, have your own unique style and personality. And since it’s your wedding day, you want to make sure your day reflects your style. 


One of our brides gushed, "The minute I walked into A’Bulae I KNEW  it was perfect for our wedding!! It was the perfect mix of my husband and I. Modern industrial, but classy and chic. And the fact that A’BULAE needed nothing but floral centerpieces, it essentially began to look much more reasonable as we took into account the extra cost for decor we would need at our other venue options." 


It worked for them and it can work for you too.


What’s the main thing that is appealing about city weddings? Why the swanky rooftop deck for ceremonies and social hours, of course. Can you picture yourself, your spouse, and all your special guests celebrating your wedding day together on the rooftop deck? If you answered yes, then look no further and inquire about A’BULAE here

Looking over a crowd of guests, we are mid ceremony on the rooftop overlooking the buildings of downtown St Paul.


If you’re looking for breathtaking city views in St. Paul, then A'BULAE is the place you’re looking for . . . a SoHo-style event site that provides unparalleled views of the city from floor-to-ceiling windows. The space is a classic international building with a distinct euro-contemporary style that incorporates Italian design. The intimate yet dramatic modular space combines rich and raw design elements that offer high contrast that is reflective of Manhattan's SoHo District.


A typical drawback of having a city wedding is that parking can be tough to find. In fact, sometimes parking may be blocks away from the venue. This makes it challenging for your guests to arrive on time, not to mention how miserable they’ll feel trekking for blocks in their formalwear. Don’t make your day more stressful for you and your guests by not having ample parking near the venue.


A hallmark of a New York-style wedding is the glamour. This type of venue practically demands it. It seems as if everything is higher voltage when your wedding has the vibe of the Big Apple. Give your day that extra flair with dramatic lighting and an upscale layout. Your photos (and memories) will mirror your cosmopolitan wedding forever.


You aren’t meant to blend in. And that kind of personality requires an electrifying venue. When it comes to capturing the day, highlight the spots that show off your style. No cookie-cutter rented ballroom hall or farm-style wedding for you! Your style demands the unique, exclusive, elegant experience that you’ve dreamed of and deserve.


Another cornerstone of a New York-style wedding is the city spirit and the tingling energy you and your guests feel at the event. There’s going to be an unforgettable zeal in the air already because it’s one of the most important days of your life. But, the added layer of being a city wedding will elevate the experience and shine through in your wedding photos forever. 


If you want the city-style wedding, with the rooftop deck, and a sophisticated venue, you need the food to match. Leave the burgers and fries to those more common affairs. Your meal choices for your guests are a reflection of your good taste. With a full-service catering kitchen on-site, our culinary team will impress your guests with unique and custom creations you’ll be proud of.  


Our innovative menus are inspired by the latest catering trends and have been recognized with several prestigious industry awards. We can customize your menu to any preference and budget.

A couple holding champagne glasses is laughing and smiling in front of the arch and floor-to-ceiling windows behind them.


Remember that any venue can be transformed to fit your vision. In a beautiful loft-style space overlooking downtown St. Paul, our integrated light, sound, and digital capabilities will offer you endless opportunities to personalize the space.


Share your photos, videos, or seating chart on large screens. Make it your own by projecting spotlight graphics and personalized monograms. Customize the entire space with ballroom lighting in the color(s) of your choice. On your day, anything is possible!


With an on-site parking garage, rooftop deck for ceremonies and social hours, expansive views of the capitol, and bluffs, this is one of Minnesota's most sought-after event sites. It's unmatched in every aspect. A'BULAE is Minnesota’s first fully-integrated reception venue that brings together people, events, and state-of-the-art technology. 


Your A'BULAE event package contains 28 amazing inclusions found nowhere else. Whether it's the breathtaking views from our rooftop, the spacious groom and bridal lounges, the crystal Chiavari chairs, state-of-the-art lighting, personalized branding, or interactive guest services . . . you will receive a customized experience with a straightforward budgeting included in one flat rate.  


 A'BULAE also offers an all-inclusive Petite Wedding experience for couples looking for the simplicity and affordability of a small wedding (25 guests), but still want a traditional, beautifully-curated experience.

We will take care of you every step of the way.

Let's get started today!